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Free Social Media Webinar

This is a great Webinar that was put on by Verizon and featuring Chris Dessi who  is a CEO of Silverback Social. He is also an award winning digital thinker, television & radio commentator, author, blogger, and public speaker. "Troughout his career in New York and London Chris has worked with Fortune 500 businesses and start-ups alike. To Chris, social media is much more of a Continue reading the story "Free Social Media Webinar"

Free Marketing Tips

Free? Is anything really free anymore? The answer is Yes! Things like continued Customer Care, Advice, Direction, and Customer Loyalty should always be provided for free.  Once your Sister gets married do you start charging your Brother-inlaw for your help? Okay, maybe a bad example, but you get my point.

 My Goal is always to help my Customers to become educated about Social Media Continue reading the story "Free Marketing Tips"