Free Marketing Tips

Free? Is anything really free anymore? The answer is Yes! Things like continued Customer Care, Advice, Direction, and Customer Loyalty should always be provided for free.  Once your Sister gets married do you start charging your Brother-inlaw for your help? Okay, maybe a bad example, but you get my point.

 My Goal is always to help my Customers to become educated about Social Media to the point that if they chose they can Manage there own Networking sites. If they wish to learn how to maintain there own Websites or Blogs I help them to become self sufficient at that too. Does it cost me future work? Definitely not! Word of mouth from a satisfied Customer can be as valuable as a TV Ad.

 I will try to share with you all one or more Marketing resources every week. Like anything else there are people out there that have done a lot of research, training and are very experienced in the Social Media and Marketing fields. Sort of like Surgeons who have specialty fields. I will help Connect you with other Blogs and Resources from these very Specialized People.

 This weeks Suggested Resource is the Social Media Examiner. They are very dedicated to sharing there information with you. And it’s FREE! I’ve been following them for a while know and they are always on the front of the new developments in the Social Media World.  Just click the links (they are highlighted) Online Magazine: Social Media Examiner , Facebook.

If you found this helpful feel free to leave us a comment. If you have found some great resources and would like to share them with me use the contact form on the tab above, use the comment section or click here.


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