Do I need Social Media for my Business?

 Now that Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Linkedin) has become a big part of today’s communication you may be wondering if your Company would benefit getting involved in it, or to what depth of involvement should you apply to it.

 Although people are using the internet to purchase items/services they still desire that personable relationship with the Businesses they purchase from. It’s not much different than the 60′s and 70′s when the local Butcher new you by Name and new what you needed before you asked. They also want to know the legitimacy of your Company. What others have to say about your services and products.
 Because of the bad economy everyone is looking for the best deals. By offering discounts through your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) you can increase your sales and leads.

 Linkedin is a great tool for Companies who offer Services to other Business Professionals. At Linkedin you can find Leads to those who are in the fields that you target for your Services.

 Blogging can help you provide up to date information to your Customers. Blogging is also a large part of the Search Engine Optimization tools used to help Customers find you when using a Search Engine.

 You may be thinking that You don’t have time for all of this Social Media involvement. Don’t worry there are many tools out there that can help you to take only a small part of your time. You can Link your Blog to your Facebook page and it updates it when you blog. You link your Twitter to your Facebook page and that updates your twitter automatically. You then cover all the Networks with one update! If you don’t have any extra time you can hire Someone to take care of it for you. Here at Promoting All Things Good we offer that Service for a reasonable fee.

 Change is sometimes hard to accept. Without making this change your Company may get left behind. You can visit our site at  Promoting All Things Good to see an example of how this is done. Or Contact US.

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