Multisite Management


We are excited to announce that we just found a great new way to help those who manage more than one site/blog.

WordPress has a Multi-Site Function available. It appears to have been available for the last couple of Years. We are not sure why it’s not been publicized more, because we feel it can be a great asset to many People.

Multi-Site allows you to have as many Sites/Blogs as you want on just one WordPress Installation.

As an Example this feature could be beneficial to a Band that would like to have a site for each Album, Tour, Shows, and maybe for each Band Member.

An Author could benefit by having a separate site for each Book, Speaking Engagements, Events etc…

You Purchase one Domain, and the Sites can be set one of two different ways.

  1. You can set up each separate site as a sub-domain. ( This installation is a little more expensive because it requires a wildcard hosting by your Webhost.
  2. Each site has a different path. For example:,

If you think the Multi-Site setup can benefit you and would like help setting it up Contact Us today for a Free Quote.





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